Vaginal Laxity

You Don't Have to Suffer With Reduced Sensation Anymore

You are not alone. There are many women who suffer from this but the good news is, there is a treatment that works and can get you feeling like your old self.

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Having Children is a major factor that produces vaginal laxity.

Many women complain of reduced vaginal tone, reduced sensation to “feel their partner inside”, and reduced sexual pleasure, after having a baby. Contributing factors include large babies at delivery, prolonged duration of pushing to ensure a vaginal delivery, use of vaginal forceps or vacuum, and degree of tearing at birth.

Birth is natural process, but can play havoc on your pelvic floor. Consequences to birth are unexpected and unpredictable.

Laxity, and reduced sensation of the vulva and vagina are common. People have suffered for years from post-childbirth trauma, and have suffered in silence, thinking this was NORMAL.

It is not NORMAL!

The inability to feel the intimacy of your partner, or derive sexual pleasure from the act of intercourse … can be changed.


Radiofrequency is able to get to a depth far beyond that of laser techniques. It also has none of the post operative strictures that can contribute to long term side-effects of laser technology. There is no down-time of radiofrequency, and this conflicts with surgical waiting times, since the procedure is done in the office, and patients can leave immediately post procedure at full functionality.

  • No post operative narcotics
  • No need for a driver to bring you home
  • No time off from work, and no disruption in your life!
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